FINANCE INNOVATION cluster: 20 financial projects recognised as innovative, including HBS-research

Approved by the Finance Innovation cluster

The global FINANCE INNOVATION cluster has created a list of new, recently-created companies in Ile de France in the financial sector. Over 200 young innovative companies, all less than 5 years old, have been identified in the sectors of asset management, financial engineering and actuaries, risk analysis, software companies and manufacturers of equipment for trading rooms.
A selection Committee for the Cluster, chaired by Hervé SAINT-SAUVEUR, Vice president of the Cluster, identified, in three successive waves, the best 20 projects, so as to present them to the different public financing channels able to support business development:

  • collaborative R&D projects presented to the Interministerial Fund,
  • innovative industrial projects presented to OSEO,
  • industrial and research projects presented to the National Research Agency.

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