You want to view all the sites belonging to your group or to another company to offer them your services whether it is consultancy, localisation services or property improvements… Choose sites according to workforce, lease maturity dates, subsidiaries and activities and occupation status (lessee/owner).
Accessing this information means you can improve your knowledge of a group and its subsidiaries, and prepare your business prospecting as well as your 1st meeting.


Overall, you want to prospect and you want to:

  • User: list all the sites belonging to you as well as those belonging to your subsidiaries, by providing the key elements to describe the site: occupation status, date moved in, other tenants in the building, surface area
  • Marketer and BtoB company: View and see details on the locations of key accounts and identify those close to your sites
  • Investor and asset manager, group: have an overview of your clients’ sites to get a better understanding of their property strategy


There are several ways to access this information: from the computer in your office, but now in augmented reality with your smartphone or your tablet.
You can also request a study from us.
We give you the chance to customise the database to refine it and integrate your own information. Therefore, you can ensure management of your portfolio and check the public information available about your company.
This is more relevant to users wanting to dynamically manage their properties than BtoB companies wanting to find out which prospects are located close to their sites.