In the context of your search for commercial sites, La Place de l’Immobilier helps you to quickly identify all the premises that correspond to the format of the sales outlet desired.
The tool enables you to go further if you want to find out about the owners and tenants in these premises, their tax returns (to determine their financial situation and potentially the value of the business) as well as the date the current tenant moved in.
Accessing this information means you can master the feasibility of your project, identify the potential upstream from the search, organise your search without wasting time collecting data and, above all, not pass a good opportunity by.


Companies, property consultants or even investors, if you are looking for commercial properties to rent or buy, La Place de l’Immobilier helps you to manage your search and optimise your resources:​

  • Investor: identify the commercial properties that correspond to your acquisition criteria
  • Brand: Verify the feasibility of your development plan and, if applicable, cross-reference the economic potential with the property potential.
  • Brand: Restructure your network effectively. We have enabled some networks wanting to develop their point of sale format to quickly identify the best sites around their current locations
  • Brand: effectively facilitate your developers using reliable property information
  • Agents: propose proven methodology to your clients to provide better advice and save precious time in your field research


To access this information, you can search the database directly by registering for licences or ordering a study from us.