You can very easily find a list of the assets that an owner (legal entity) holds by using specific search criteria: nature of the property (office, residential, commercial, business, warehouse and hotels etc), surface areas, number of assets and location etc.
Accessing this information means you save time, identify the position of an investor and no longer miss potential opportunities in an investor’s portfolio.


On the whole, whether you work on owners’ capital, you can:

  • Marketer, promoter, property investor and asset manager: find out about all the assets an owner has to identify the assets and prepare for your first meeting
  • Group, provider of technical services for properties and network developer (heat, energy and telecoms etc): mark, in an owner’s portfolio, properties by type or surface area etc, that interest you and approach the owner with concrete ideas
  • Financiers: identify portfolios belonging to investors or users to offer them refinancing projects


There are several ways to access this information: from the computer in your office, but now in augmented reality with your smartphone or your tablet.
You can also request a study from us.
We give you the chance to customise the database to refine it and integrate your own information. Therefore, you can guarantee the management of your portfolio and know the public information available on you. This is more relevant for investors wanting to dynamically manage their property portfolio.