We have gathered all of the public information available on corporate buildings together for you: surface areas, uses, type of owner with details of the lots per owner (legal entity), list of users with information on their lease, business, financial situation, transactions published on the property…And other information.
Being able to access this information saves you time, verifies the information collected and enriches your analyses.


On the whole, whether you work on buildings, whether your clients are owners or users, this product will be of interest to you.

  • Marketer, user, investor, promoter and experts: identify and find out about properties before visiting them
  • BtoB company: identify the properties where your clients can be found
  • Group, technical and property service provider and network developer (heat, energy and telecoms etc): mark the properties that interest you by using innovative criteria such as nature, location, surface area and property type etc.


There are several ways to access this information: from the computer in your office, but now in augmented reality with your smartphone or your tablet.