A database that enables you to enrich your analysis of property opportunities and identify off-market target properties from property search criteria


  • Verify and complement the information from your analysis of an investment opportunity. Read more…
  • See an investor’s portfolio to identify the assets they would be interested in or to search for “off-market” properties. Read more…
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Guillaume Riquier - Altarea Cogedim
We use la Place de l’Immobilier to find all our information

« The ease and speed of use enables us to work with upstream properties without the need for outside info. Indeed, within our development team, we use la Place de l’Immobilier to find all the information we need (owners, surface areas and tenants etc) on the properties we are looking at acquiring or possibly restructuring, or simply to study the competition for properties around our sites. »

Moise Mitterrand - Les Nouveaux Constructeurs
HBS-research is able to quantify the potential market...

« Les Nouveaux Constructeurs has worked with HBS-research twice when looking for properties to restructure. The aim was to identify, in a particular area, properties corresponding to our criteria, and prepare a detailed description of each asset to help us define the owners’ needs. In just a few weeks, HBS-research was able to quantify the market potential and identify priority properties. It is the only method that gives us such a result in such a short time… »