he story started in March 2006 when three associates decided to “work” the property market differently. Blaise Heurteux, Laurent Bignier and Thomas Soares are all from the property sector, each with additional know-how: IT, databases and property. So HBS Research was created with the aim of disseminating the most comprehensive information on as many properties in France as possible.

From the company’s creation, the principles and values of independence, innovation and transparency have been in place.

The company works with the biggest names in property: Jean Louis SOLAL, Claude HEURTEUX, Patrick WALLUT and Alain LEBLEU. They are all characterised by their excellent knowledge of the market, successful entrepreneurial experience and strong human values. This committee also guarantees the success of projects and monitors the company’s harmonious development.
IPD also owns 10% of the company and aims to help HBS-research in its development whilst finding complementarity between the offer from HBS-research and that from IPD to help to improve the efficiency of the property markets.

The team now boasts 15 members allowing them, in-house, to continuously improve the application’s functionalities, include an increasing amount of information, offer clients an analysis service, train the latter and finally to market their services.