To determine the depth of the market you’re looking at by identifying all “off-market” properties (those which are not necessarily available) from specific search criteria, then target the “best” on this list (empty, user expected to leave or belonging to a private investor etc). This helps you with your prospecting.


  1. Determination of the depth of the market you’re targeting with a “long list”: search for all the properties that meet your “key” criteria, namely geography, size and type of property (single-owner or co-owners) and number of users etc.
  2. Target the “best” properties from the “long list” using secondary criteria to create a “short list”: include other criteria such as the operation’s feasibility or even the quality of the property.
  3. Identify the decision-makers with all their contact details enabling you to contact the “right” person with proper reasoning.

Examples of tasks:

  • Search for properties requiring restructuring for promoters
  • Estimation of the size of the market and targeting of properties for the creation of a new business
  • Identification and list of owners of atypical properties (car parks and hotels etc).