To centralise all information enabling you to perform analyses of values in the context of expertise or the renegotiation of leases, by finding “real” comparables from knowledge of the property and its characteristics.
You can also identify the importance of the tenant to the investor’s portfolio.


  1. Identification of values (leasehold transactions, sales and current offers) from all the information available on the market in an area on a given date.
  2. Analysis of the values used according to the property’s characteristics (restructuring, type of property, number of users and services etc), enabling you to relativise the value.
  3. Understanding of the weight that the tenant represents in the investor’s portfolio by type of properties, geographic area or even size of assets.

Examples of tasks:

  • Analysis of the values of warehouses inIle-de-France
  • Optimisation of the property portfolio belonging to a network of sales offices distributed throughoutFrance
  • Help with renegotiating leases
  • Study of comparables around specific addresses