Whatever the type of property (office, commercial or business etc), to determine the feasibility of your search using specific search criteria, then to target the “best” sites on this list. This helps you with your prospecting.


  1. Determination of the potential of your “long list” search: search for sites using “key” criteria, namely location, surface area and type of property.
  2. Targeting of the “best” sites from the “long list” using secondary criteria to create a “short list”: refine your analysis by including the operation’s feasibility: the current user’s occupation status (owner or tenant), lease maturity, rent level, financial health and other sites etc.
  3. Identify the decision-makers with all their contact details enabling you to contact the “right” person with proper reasoning.

Examples of tasks:

  • Support for analysis of the feasibility of the development plan for a commercial network
  • Identification of offices presenting the best opportunities for the future installation of a user
  • Identification of offices presenting the best opportunities with a view to restructuring
  • Identification of a property providing an opportunity to develop a high-end hotel, restaurant or shop