To determine the depth of your marketing strategies from search criteria linked to these strategies (location, workforce and lease maturity etc), then to target the “best” potential users from this list (rent amount, financial health, quality of the property and group etc). You will therefore optimise your prospecting by saving time and improving the quality of your approach.


  1. Determination of the potential of the marketing strategies you want to implement using a “long list”: search for companies using “key” criteria, namely workforce, lease maturity and location etc.
  2. Target the “best” prospects from the “long list” using secondary criteria to create a “short list”: refine your analysis by including other criteria such as financial health, the quality of the current property, the press and other sites in a similar sector etc.
  3. Identify the decision-makers with all their contact details enabling you to contact the “right” person with proper reasoning.

Examples of tasks:

  • 6.500m² suburban property on the market for the last year
  • 17.500m² property including a 9.600m² unoccupied area in Saint Ouen
  • 30,000m² property located in Issy-Les-Moulineaux
  • 13,500m² property inPariscurrently being renovated
  • Help with deciding on a property: to restructure either 20,000m² or 14,000m².