Louis-Patrick Deville - Amadeus Genivalor (Property Expert)

« We are experts in property evaluation and may be seen as “property coaches for company managers”, specialists in corporate properties. For us, “La Place de l’Immobilier–Pro” has become a key source of information: it has recently helped us to propose ways of restructuring a hospital in the provinces thanks to an analysis of the town’s properties. Only La Place de l’Immobilier-Pro provides this information »


Mohamed Sahily - Office Setups (Developer of Spaces)

« So we can target our potential clients better and improve the quality of our advice for users’ mobility, La Place de l’Immobilier-Pro allows us to use a pioneering approach in this area: using the tenant’s specific needs to find the ideal property. Through its wealth of information and search criteria, we can establish links between needs and optimal solutions – without being restricted to the products available on the market »

Fabienne Lampel - Head of Purchasing and Property - Manpower

« I outsourced some work relating to optimising the costs of our property portfolio to a consultancy firm that has HBS as a partner; thanks to their database and analyses, I received a cartography of our costs and the weight that we represent with each of our lessors, essential elements when it comes to evaluating and renegotiating our leases if need be »


Guillaume Riquier - Altarea Cogedim

« The ease and speed of use enables us to work with upstream properties without the need for outside info. Indeed, within our development team, we use la Place de l’Immobilier to find all the information we need (owners, surface areas and tenants etc) on the properties we are looking at acquiring or possibly restructuring, or simply to study the competition for properties around our sites »

Moise Mitterrand - Les Nouveaux Constructeurs

« Les Nouveaux Constructeurs has worked with HBS-research twice when looking for properties to restructure. The aim was to identify, in a particular area, properties corresponding to our criteria, and prepare a detailed description of each asset to help us define the owners’ needs. In just a few weeks, HBS-research was able to quantify the market potential and identify priority properties. It is the only method that gives us such a result in such a short time »


Jean-Claude ARZUR - Manager of GRANIOU MARSEILLE

« In my opinion, today, such tools are essential for making a first analysis of the area before going to the site. I plan to renew my subscription next year. »

Sandra DELIN - Head of Negotiation GRANIOU IDF

« La Place de l’Immobilier is an excellent tool for identifying lessors and properties to target which saves us time. In terms of the mobile business, we use it systematically and we have integrated it into our negotiation search process. Today, this tool is used by all negotiators in the Parisian region. »


Bertrand LE GALL - Alex Bolton Partners

« This tool, which cross-references a large number of databases, means we can get reliable information in a few clicks and it has a wide range of uses due to the amount of data available. Above all, they are a dynamic team, always ready to listen and to help their clients! ”

Frédérick Dubeau - Foncia Entreprise

« La Place de l’Immobilier-Pro is without a doubt the biggest innovation seen in France’s corporate property sector in recent years. Foncia Entreprise’s employees regularly use this tool to define details for marketing properties on behalf of third parties, but also to prepare coherent and reliable models in our property search mandates. This tool is essential for agents and brokers in the corporate property market. »


Karine Bertrand - Commercial Director - Les Petits Chaperons Rouges

« Les Petits Chaperons Rouges provides a local service to companies and groups. Our business requires us to be close to our clients. We need efficient databases that are both complete and up to date. Our teams have been working with La Place de l’Immobilier-Pro for over two years to identify companies around our sites as well as the size of said businesses. This information allows us to identify both companies to approach and premises where we could open crèches nearby. »


Hélène de DROUAS - Dev. and Promotion of the C.G. des Hauts-de-Seine Territory

« Our new database, created by HBS Research, is a very effective tool for supporting companies wanting to set up in Hauts-de-Seine: property proposals can be sent to them within 24 hours.Similarly, for our communication at the time of property events and exhibitions, this database allows us to use, in due time, all the information available, projected properties and key property transactions in Hauts-de-Seine. »

Christophe AUDINET - Town Planning Department

« Since 2009, we have been working with HBS research, a very responsive company that is attentive to its clients’ needs. The deployment of new innovative functionalities, the skills of its teams as well as the services provided daily by the application have convinced the Ville de Paris to work with this company several times. The mastery of the most specific property issues by HBS research is an essential strength in the context of strategic projects for the Town Planning Department. »